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What is MZ Logistics Company about?

MZ Logistics prioritizes both quality and timeliness in its warehouse services. By seamlessly integrating security measures, punctuality, industry expertise, and newest technology, we provide a variety of warehouse solutions.

These include services such as Cross-docking, consolidation, and the repair of damaged freight, as well as short/long-term storage, and Pick-ups & Deliveries. Our commitment to availability and 24/7 responsiveness allows our customers know that rest assured we have everything under control.

Let’s Partner Together

With our facility that can be extended to over 10,000 square feet, we have managed the needs of a substantial number of trucks over the years, all while developing and sustaining meaningful connections with valued carriers and partner brokerages. This results in a profound sense of pride and satisfaction derived from our dedicated work.



13 years

In business


SQ Feet


Business Partners


Crossdocked Trucks

Statement with company’s values or benefits.

MZ Logistics operates as a family-driven business, evolving to a broad range of individuals. We understand the important balance between achieving results and building and maintaining relationships.

Recognizing the quick temp of the logistical industry, we value time and strongly hold to the principle of getting things right- the first time. 


Time Efficient

Focusing on productivity and flawless operations with little to no down time 



From pricing to arising issues to cost effective solutions with us everything is transparent and understandable


Securely Safe

Security is a priority in today’s logistics, with security in place all freight and machinery is supervision 24/7/365


Cost Effective

Understanding the always- changing market, our pricing is built around our customers and their needs 

Why MZ Logistics?

MZ Logistics stands out as more than a conventional service provider; our commitment revolves around constant growth and a refusal to settle. With an extensive platform of services and a diverse client base, we consistently learn and refine our operations, passing on the resulting benefits to you.

Settling is not an option for us; we continuously strive for optimal solutions, methods, and technologies to integrate into our services. Time efficiency, quality, and simple customer experiences remain our focus while we pass on the benefits to you.

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